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Honey from the island of Lesvos


30 years of expertise in apiculture.

“Melostagma” is a family business founded by Giannis Kamperos, who has more than 30 years of expertise in the field of apiculture. His passion about bees combined with the desire to be involved in that field, led him to turn beekeeping from a hobby to a profession. Thus, in the beginning of summer in 2007, after completing the buildings and obtaining all the necessary permissions and the appropriate equipment, he dedicated the production unit – which produces honey and apiary products, based on the European standards. In addition, to ensure the quality of the products, it boasts an ISO:22000:2018 certification covering all the range of its activities, from the production, processing and packaging to the sale of the product.

In our business, all the family members are involved, keeping their father’s business venture alive, aiming to develop and promote the business abroad. The oldest son of the family, gaining control from his father is involved with the bees and the trade, whereas, his six years younger sister, along with her mother, work in the processing and production department.

Today, our business produces five different varieties of honey, and it constantly develops new products based on bees, such as pollen, royal jelly, propolis tincture and beeswax ointment with oil extract from different medicinal plants.

Since the beginning, our vision has been to offer high quality products for the lovers of apiary products, providing value to their diet habits.

"I, personally, guarantee high quality products, produced by us"
Marketing & sales department
Quality control department
Manager in the processing department
  • In our laboratory facilities, we comply with all the European standards ISO:22000 and the hygiene standards in the food laboratories in every level.
  • All the parts of the laboratory are certified and arranged in a way that provides constant flow production.
  • The machines, processing bee, the storage barrels and the work benches are made of stainless steel and they have a CE certification.
  • For every "L" set there is the corresponding chemical analysis made by specialized chemical laboratories.

We stand out because of the passion we have about our job and the respect we have towards the bees and the environment.

  • The honey produced by our bee colonies comes from the native vegetation of the mountains of Lesvos where there is an abundance of aromatic plants and wild flowers that bloom successively depending on the season. Our beehives are transported to specific parts of the island with dense vegetation away from pollutants and exhaust gases, so that the quality of honey remains genuine and intact.
  • Every stage of the production process, from the production and the processing to the standardization in the final product is thoroughly controlled, ensuring our originality and personal guarantee for our products.
  • Because the special microclimate and the different phytosynthesis of our Island help in the procustion of unique and superior products.
  • You can be sure that you buy natural and authentic products from us.
  • For our variety and high nutritional value of our products
  • Because we have the best quality - price ratio.
  • You buy an authentic product from the beehive in the jar.
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Honey from Blossoms and Thyme

Honey “Melostagma – Blossoms and Thyme” contains 15% thyme pollen grains. It is collected from the nectar of various flowers but also from small and rare thyme shrubs in the area of ​​northwestern Lesvos away from arable land, from the beginning of June until the end of August. Thyme is considered a top beekeeping plant because it gives an extremely aromatic honey with great nutritional value and is probably one of the most common types of honey. The percentage of thyme in this honey gives its special “melenium” aroma, its amber color and its viscous texture. The crystallization of this type of honey starts after 6 months.

It is primarily a fast source of energy for children, pregnant women, athletes, but also for anyone. It has trace elements that play an important role in metabolism, nutrition, while regulating stomach acidity. It increases the heart rate, and its consumption helps to restore health faster due to the iron it contains. Apart from being rich in trace elements (iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium) and nutrients, it has a high content of fructose, vitamins A, β-carotene, complex of B vitamins and minerals.

Because of the high fructose concentration it has a distinctive thyme taste.

200g, 430g, 750g

Honey of Spring Blossoms

Honey ‘Melostagma – Honey of Spring Blossoms’ is collected from a variety of wild flowers such as wild clover, daisies, orange blossom, daffodil and spring flowers and from various other plants that thrive in the mountains of Lesvos and it is produced in May. In addition to plants, bees collect nectar from trees such as orange trees and lemon trees at the same time. This is honey of exceptional quality with a unique yellow color (gold), able to satisfy even the most demanding consumers. It is, after all, the honey that is used more than any other for cosmetic purposes. It crystallizes after 3 months.

It is a treasure trove of carbohydrates such as glucose, fructose and sucrose. It contains a variety of trace elements and minerals such as potassium and calcium while it has a high content of vitamin C and the B complex. In addition, it has a high index of antioxidants supplemented with proteins, amino acids and enzymes giving great nutritional value to humans. It helps in the proper functioning of the heart, it boosts the circulatory system and it slows down aging. It is also credited with its sedative action and anti-insomnia properties.

Intense aroma and sweet, soft taste.

200g, 400g, 750g

Honey from Blossoms and Wild Flowers

Honey ‘Melostagma – Honey from blossoms’ is produced in the slopes of Northwestern Lesvos in June and July from the flowers of wicker, sage, oregano, lavender, mint and fennel and from a variety of other flowers and thorny shrubs that bloom in summer. In April, the plain has a big variety of flowering plants such as daisies, clover, daffodil and scattered thorny shrubs. Our bees collect pollen and nectar from various plants that grow in the area to produce the individual honey from blossoms and wildflowers. Their physicochemical and therapeutic properties differ depending on the nectar of the plants processed by the bees. Its color is light brown and red and its aroma is unique and strong. Due to its sugar content, it crystallizes in a short period of time within 2-3 months.

Honey from Blossoms and Wildflowers, helps in the proper functioning of digestion, giving energy and endurance to the body. Its composition contains vitamins such as A, B1, and C, which help the proper functioning of our body and the absorption of sugars by it. For this reason it is recommended for children during their development as well as for sore throat or cough.

Soft and sweet taste.

200g, 400g, 750g

Erica Honey

Honey “Melostagma – Erica Honey” is produced in the area “Burnt Forrest” where during the autumn the erica plant (or heather) floods the area with its purple flowers. The heather plant is one of the most important plants for beekeeping and the honey it produces is considered one of the best types of honey at all levels. In addition, it is among the best in Greece and one of the best choices for boosting the body. It is characterized by its special smell and its very dark brown (to black) color. Its high content of sugars makes it crystallize within a period of up to 3 months without altering its nutritional value at all.

“Erica honey has a very high biological and nutritional value due to its content in minerals, proteins, enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids of the B complex. It has a particularly high content of protein compared to other varieties of honey. For this reason it falls into the category of superfoods. It has a very high protein content compared to other varieties of honey as well as a high amount of antioxidants that help remove free radicals. The extermination of the free radicals prevents aging and improves overall health. Also, honey from the erica plant has the highest content of phenols which protect the body from the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and are known for their anti-inflammatory and thrombolytic effects.

Distinct taste with sweet caramel notes and a special aftertaste.

200g, 400g, 750g

Chestnut Honey

Honey “Melostagma – Chestnut Honey” is produced on the mountain Olympus of Agiasos – Lesvos, where the chestnut trees cover an area of ​​11,000 acres of the mountain. Chestnut honey is a unique combination of the nectar of the flowers and the honey secretions of the chestnut tree, producing a special and distinct honey. Its amber color, intense aroma, slightly bitter taste are just some of the characteristics that define it. In fact, this type of honey can remain in liquid form, without crystallizing for up to 2 years due to the low levels of glucose it contains.

Its high content of trace elements (manganese, boron), carbohydrates (fructose), antioxidants and tannins, give chestnut honey its high nutritional value, helping in the better functioning of the immune system. It contributes to the smooth circulation of the blood and the digestive system due to its astringent and diaphoretic properties, making it the ideal boost for the body. It is famous for its antimicrobial, antibacterial action and its healing properties while in the past it was used to heal wounds.

It is recommended to all ages and especially athletes and students.

Intense and slightly bitter taste.

400g, 750g

Awards & Certifications

Since 2007 our Beekeeping unit on the island of Lesvos, produces, standardizes and offers honey and hive products, such as pollen, royal jelly, propolis and apricots. With a trademark of excellent quality and their great variety, our branded products have won the love of the consumer public, but also the trust of the market. We address both retailers and wholesalers, as well as hotels and restaurants.

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    For about fifteen years, the products of our laboratory in Mytilene, have conquered the hearts of all those who try them. Make a difference in your hotel, incorporating our branded honey "Melostagma" in your breakfast, but also as a premium raw material in the kitchen of your restaurant. Request a quote for wholesale by filling out the form below.

    Gift Packages

    With imagination and passion, our company also creates original compositions with bee products, aromatic plants and salt with herbs from Alykes, Lesvos. These unique packages are impressive, and can be offered as a special gift in cases where you want to please your best customers.


    We standardize our honey under your own name. You can choose either our vases or supply us yourself with the vase of your choice. In any case, we remain flexible and open to ideas and suggestions.


    In our facilities, the visitor has the opportunity to be introduced to the fascinating world of bees and to learn about the beneficial properties of honey and bee products, through a 45-minute tour. You can even supply our products, with a minimum purchase obligation of 10 euros per person.


    The countryside of Lesvos has been very generous, giving us a wide range of plants for aromatic and therapeutic use. It is no coincidence that our island has a long tradition in the collection of native herbs with medicinal action.

    By recognizing the dynamics of Greek nature and with a view to the future, our business takes the next step. On the green and fertile island of Lesvos, we start the sustainable cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants, aiming to introduce to you their several and unique benefits. The first five acres have already been planted with rosemary, sage and lavender, while oregano, sage and sword grass will be ready in spring.

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